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Custom Alloys

High Purity Precision Alloys Overview

Fast Silver offers a wide range of precision alloys, and we can perform trial and test of some precision alloys according to your requirements. The company has various alloy melting equipment, melting furnace, vacuum induction melting furnace, electric arc furnace, vacuum consumable electric arc furnace, high temperature sintering furnace, magnetic suspension melting furnace, electron beam melting furnace. In addition, our company also has vacuum hot pressing furnace, isostatic pressing furnace, and can customize some special alloys by powder metallurgy. We can produce all kinds of special alloys according to customer's requirements. The alloy ratio and product size can be customized. Welcome to consult.

Specification: Sputtering target (circular target square target tubular target profiled target), coating material, cylinder, frustum, granules, foil, powder, wire rod, ingot, etc., all of the items can be customized.

Binary Alloy
Aluminum-boron alloy (AlB) Silver-indium alloy (AgIn) Copper-silicon alloy (CuSi) Molybdenum titanium alloy (MoTi) Silicon-manganese alloy (SiMn)
Aluminum-chromium alloy (AlCr) Silver-palladium alloy (AgPd) Copper-gallium alloy (CuGa) Nickel-aluminum alloy (NiAl) Samarium-cobalt alloy (SmCo)
Aluminum-copper alloy (AlCu) Silver-cobalt alloy (AgCo) Copper-indium alloy (CuIn) Nickel-boron alloy (NiB) Tungsten-titanium alloy (WTi)
Aluminum-iron alloy (AlFe) Chromium-yttrium alloy (CrY) Copper-germanium alloy (CuGe) Nickel-chromium alloy (NiCr) Tungsten-copper alloy (WCu)
Aluminum-magnesium alloy (AlMg) Bismuth-selenium alloy (BiSe) Copper-tin alloy (CuSn) Nickel-iron alloy (NiFe) Tungsten-rhenium alloy (WRe)
Aluminum-titanium (AlTi) Bismuth-yttrium alloy (Biy) Copper-selenium alloy (CuSe) Nickel-cobalt alloy (NiCo) Yttrium-aluminum alloy (YAl)
Aluminum-silicon alloy (AlSi) Cerium-magnesium alloy (CeMg) Copper-yttrium alloy (CuY) Nickel-lanthanum alloy (NiLa) Yttrium-copper alloy (YCu)
Aluminum-scandium alloy (AlSc) Cobalt-nickel alloy (CoNi) Copper-zinc alloy (CuZn) Nickel-magnesium alloy (NiMg) Yttrium-iron alloy (YFe)
Aluminum-yttrium (AlY) Cobalt-vanadium alloy (CoV) Copper-zirconium alloy (CuZr) Nickel-platinum Alloy (NiPt) Yttrium-Zirconium alloy (YZr)
Aluminum-vanadium alloy (AlV) Cobalt-boron alloy (CoB) Neodymium-iron alloy (DyFe) Nickel-titanium alloy (NiTi) Yttrium-magnesium alloy (YMg)
Aluminum-nickel alloy (AlNi) Cobalt-molybdenum alloy (CoMo) Iron-manganese alloy (FeMn) Nickel-vanadium alloy (NiV) Zinc-magnesium alloy (ZnMg)
Gold-germanium alloy (AuGe) Cobalt-iron alloy (CoFe) Iron-platinum alloy (FePt) Nickel-tungsten alloy (NiW) Zinc-copper alloy (ZnCu)
Gold-copper alloy (AuCu) Copper-chromium alloy (CuCr) Iron-boron alloy (FeB) Nickel-manganese Alloy (NiMn) Zinc-aluminum alloy (ZnAl)
Gold-silver alloy (AuAg) Copper-cobalt alloy (CuCo) Iron-vanadium alloy (FeV) Nickel-zirconium alloy (NiZr) Zinc-tin alloy (ZnSn)
Gold-tin alloy (AuSn) Copper-bismuth alloy (CuBi) Lanthanum-cerium alloy (LaCe) Lead-copper alloy (PbCu) Zirconium-silicon alloy (ZrSi)
Gold-palladium alloy (AuPd) Copper-antimony alloy (CuSb) Lanthanum-nickel alloy (LaNi) Lead-nickel alloy (PbNi) Zirconium-titanium alloy (ZrTi)
Gold-nickel alloy (AuNi) Copper-manganese alloy (CuMn) Lanthanum-manganese alloy (LaMn) Lead-zinc alloy (PbZn) Zirconium-niobium alloy (ZrNb)
Gold-antimony alloy (AuSb) Copper-nickel ally (CuNi) Magnesium-yttrium alloy (MgY) Praseodymium-niobium alloy (PrNd) Zirconium-nickel alloy (ZrNi)
Vanadium-silicon alloy (VSi) Niobium-titanium alloy (NbTi) Molybdenum-niobium alloy (MoNb) Platinum-rhodium alloy (PtRh) Titanium-chromium alloy (TiCr)
Silver-copper alloy (AgCu) Indium-antimony alloy (InSb) Tungsten-scandium alloy (WSc) Tin-bismuth alloy (SnSb)  
Ternary/Multicomponent Alloy
Aluminum chrome yttrium (AlCrY) Gold silver copper (AuAgCu) Copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS) Iron silicon zirconium (FeSiZr) Phosphorus copper silver (PCuAg)
Aluminum silicon copper (AlSiCu) Gold germanium nickel (AuGeNi) Copper indium gallium (CuInGa) Iron titanium aluminum (FeTiAl) Terbium dysprosium iron (TbDyFe)
Aluminum magnesium silicon (AlMgSi) Silver copper nickel (AgCuNi) Copper zinc tin (CuZnSn) Nickel chromium aluminum (NiCrAl) Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB)
Aluminum magnesium scandium (AlMgSc) Silver copper Indium (AgCuIn) Copper indium selenium (CuInSe) Nickel chromium iron (NiCrFe) Aluminum silver copper (AlAgCu)
Aluminum nickel vanadium (AlNiV) Silver copper palladium (AgCuPd) Copper indium tin selenide (CISS) Nickel chromium silicon (NiCrSi) Iron platinum silver carbon (FePtAgC)
Aluminum boron yttrium (AlBY) Silver tin indium (AgSnIn) Copper zinc tin selenium sulfur (CZSSS) Titanium aluminum vanadium (TC4) Iron chromium manganese nickel cobalt (FeCrMnNiCo)
Aluminum nickel yttrium (AlNiY) Silver germanium tin (AgGeSn) Iron cobalt silicon boron (FeCoSiB) Titanium zinc vanadium hafnium (TiZnVHf) Germanium antimony tellurium (GeSbTe)
Gold germanium antimony (AuGeSb) Cobalt chromium tungsten (CoCrW) Iron cobalt boron (CoFeB) Aluminum titanium boron (AlTiB) Silicon germanium boron (SiGeB)
Rose Gold (AuCu+) Chromium aluminum yttrium (CrAlY) Iron chromium aluminum (FeCrAl) Titanium aluminum silicon (TiAlSi)  


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