Application areas

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  • Semiconductor Associated

    1.Electrodes wiring films(Al,Cu,Au,Ag,Pt,etc)
    2.Storage electrode films (Mo,W,Ti,etc.)
    3.Adhesion films (W, Ti, etc.)
    4.Capacitor insulation films (PZT, etc.)

  • Magnetic Recording

    1.Vertical magnetic recording (Co-Cr, etc.)
    2.Hard disks (Co-Cr-Ta, Co-Cr-Pt,etc.)
    3.Magnetic heads (Co-Cr-Ta, Co-Cr-Zr, etc.)
    4.Artificial crystals: (Co-Pt, Co-Pd, etc.)

  • Optical Recording

    1.Phase change optical disc recording films (SeTe, Sb2Se3, Ge2Sb2Te5,etc.)
    2.Magnetic disc recording films (Dy-Fe-Co, Al2O3, MgO, Si3N4,etc.)
    3.Optical disc reflection films (Al, Al-Ti, Al-Cr, Au, Au,etc.)
    4.Optical disc protection films (Si3N4, SiO, ZnS,etc.)

  • Flat Display

    1. Transparent conductive films (ITO, AZO, etc.)
    2. Electrode wiring films (Mo, W, Ti, Ta, Cr, Al, Al-Ti, etc.)
    3. Electroluminescent films (ZnS-Mn, Y2O3, Ta2O5, BaTiO3, etc.)


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Application of Precious Metal Sputtering Targets

Metallic MirrorDefinition: The reflection of a mirror is caused by a metallic coating.The metal mirror is a mirror obtained by using a thin metal coating, and the metal coating can be produced by evaporation technology or sputtering technology. As for the metal coating on the sink, it is usual... 2022-10-26
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    the latest progress of solid-state lithium metal batteries

    The latest progress of solid-state lithium metal batteriesAuthor: Paul AlbertusCorresponding author: Nancy J. Dudney, Jagjit NandaCorrespondence Unit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USACompared with current lithium-ion systems, solid-state batteries using lithium metal anodes have the potentia...
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    Research on Unconventional Superconductors

    Research on Unconventional SuperconductorsWhen two single-layer two-dimensional van der Waals materials with similar lattice constants are stacked vertically and slightly misaligned, they will exhibit a periodic moiré pattern, thereby changing the electronic state of the material and appearin...
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    Common faults and solutions of magnetron sputtering coating

    Magnetron sputtering is a type of physical vapor deposition (PVD). Magnetron sputtering introduces a magnetic field on the surface of the target cathode and uses the magnetic field to confine the charged particles to increase the plasma density to increase the sputtering rate.What are the comm...

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